Furniture World: Bond Furniture and Design Debuts Their Newly Designed Website for 2022

Bond Furniture and Design announced the debut of their fully redesigned website.  Bond Furniture and Design is a furniture showplace and design studio located in Loveland, Ohio.  Just like their newly remodeled showroom, the new website offers visitors a more contemporary look, broader selection and more diversity.  The site reveals vibrant colors, simple navigation and an overall streamlined design.  The site comprises numerous “Story-Telling” images that serve as portals to access essential information.  The user-friendly interface makes it simple for visitors to see what Bond Furniture and Design represents and serves to empower customers to consider new ideas, visions and concepts.

Now under new management, the team at Bond Furniture and Design set their initial focus on resurrecting the 8,000 square foot showroom into a true showplace of beauty, design and inspiration.  From there the goal was to create an online presence that portrayed their selection of furnishings and design talents while inviting the viewer to visit their ever-evolving Bond Furniture and Design showroom.

“We want our website to reflect the pages of a design catalog: brimming with ideas, imagination and inspiration. The website also needs to serve as an open invitation to come visit our Bond Furniture and Design Showroom,” stated Carol Lahke, Co-Owner, Interior Designer and Certified Organizationalist, “We believe we have accomplished all our desires and are excited to share our new digital space.  What a way to start the New Year.”

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