Welcome to Bond Furniture & Design

Bond Furniture has been a staple in the Loveland community since the early 1900's.  What was started as a mattress and furniture store, with pieces ready to take home same day, has evolved into one of the tri-state’s finest design studios and home of fine custom furnishings. The transformation was accelerated two years ago when a team of talented designers banded together to purchase the Bond Furniture facility, inventory, and warehouse.

The Bond Furniture and Design showroom has evolved from tired home brands to more modern, contemporary, and eclectic features. The focus was on renovating this furniture supplier into a design destination that would appeal to all. We basically practiced what we preached, by designing our space into one that reflects our obsession with quality, style and presentation. The Bond Furniture and Design showroom is now an experiential adaptation of all that your space can become. You must come see it!

Peruse at your own pace as you tour our massive 8,000 square foot showplace. Leave your inhibitions at the door: this is your opportunity to embrace your curiosity, release your true sense of style, and experiment with all that you can in order to make your house your home.  We cast a personable boutique atmosphere where you can sit on the furniture, and are encouraged to ask questions. We want our design showroom to be stimulating and inspiring.

We want your space to be a true reflection of both your style and lifestyle. At Bond Furniture and Design our goal is for each finished room to immediately communicate your character and to truly reveal the story of you. Visit our Bond Furniture and Design showroom today and start your adventure!