Bonding Over Design

It’s So Much More than Simply Finding New Furniture for Your Home

We were recently featured in the September issue of Loveland Lifestyle

Bond Furniture is such a familiar part of Loveland’s history—having been in town for 60 years—you might think you already know this longtime local staple. After all, you can see some of Bond’s gorgeous furniture and unique home decor right through their front window. But if you haven’t opened their door and gone inside lately, you might be surprised at all that’s new … everything you can’t see from the street.

The first clue? Not long ago, the store changed its name to Bond Furniture and Design. While it’s still the perfect place to find full home furnishings, they now feature a pair of skilled design professionals, too.

Heather Walker, an interior designer who’s been furnishing and decorating homes around the area for more than 25 years, has been with Bond for almost 4 years—she gave us the inside scoop about what the store really has to offer, as well as what continues to surprise people.


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