Custom Furniture

The moment you enter our Bond Furniture and Design showroom, the wheels should start spinning, your breath could be taken away and you are bound to fall in love with something. But what if you don't see that perfect something? At Bond Furniture and Design our customization capabilities far exceed other furnishing providers. With many so-called furniture stores, it is what you see is what you get, whereas with Bond's team of interior designers we will work to make your space – YOUR SPACE!

Customizing your furniture allows you to create a one-of-a-kind piece. At Bond Furniture and Design, you can craft your sofa by selecting from a wide variety of features such as changing the arm style, altering the textures, differentiating the pattern and choosing the color of your desire. Many of our Amish partners build to your specifications, where your size, color and design requests are the governing factors.  Together we can create a furniture piece that is your own and as unique as you are.

Our interior design center, located in the heart of our showroom, is a hub of creativity, opportunity and style.  Engage one of our highly gifted interior design team members to work with you and select the right color, the best pattern and the perfect style.